What is polluting our world?

What is polluting our world?

We know that climate change and pollution have a clear and obvious link. That means that we cannot solve the issue of climate change without understanding exactly what it is, that is polluting our world. Hopefully, by the end of this blog we’ll all have a clear idea of what is polluting our world and what we can do about it. Can we help? Yes, we can. We all can.

What is polluting our world?

Goodness. Everything is. No, that’s a slight exaggeration but to be honest it’s not too much of an exaggeration. Lots of things are causing this problem of pollution. Most of them we wouldn’t even realise. Gold mining, chemicals spilling into surface and groundwater, air pollution from cars and vehicles, smelting and metal processing, industrial mining, radioactive waste, uranium mining, as well as untreated sewage being a major cause of pollution which leads to poor urban air quality. Imagine trying to personally avoid doing these things? It’s pretty difficult considering doing things like recycling batteries and buying jewellery are very normal things to do.

What are the issues?

The problem is our relationship with these products. Gold mining is probably quite low on the things that we imagine are polluting our world but the raw soil is mixed with mercury to distil it from the gold and the mercury evaporates, poisons the miners, condenses in the ocean, where it’s absorbed eventually by tuna fish which are eaten worldwide and causes lower IQs. Gold. It’s poisoning us and making us less intelligent, and we never even knew! Meanwhile plastic, which is just as much of an issue, gets all the bad press, it’s really hard for us as people to understand the issues.

Who is responsible?

All of us are responsible for polluting our world in some way. In a modern society it is almost impossible for a healthy economy to function in a way that doesn’t pollute our world. Doing the most normal tasks even contributes to pollution. Going to work using public transport in London for example creates 20% of the pollution in the city. Most businesses are not doing enough to reduce their carbon footprint in the world, but there some that are going all the way. Brewdog  are actively reducing their pollution and are proudly carbon negative. The delivery company DPD  are entirely carbon neutral as well as making up for their carbon emissions too. So, if you would like a guilt-free beer delivered to your door, they are the companies to use.

What can we do?

There was a point in time where being personally responsible was exactly the right thing to do. Walking instead of driving everywhere, thinking about food miles, trying to be considerate, recycling, composting and reusing, were all great ways of limiting our personal impact on the Earth but now it’s not just enough. Now it’s the responsibility of all the countries that share this planet to commit to stopping pollution. It is also their responsibility to try to undo the pollution they may have caused. It’s not just the responsibility of one country to make more of an effort than another. In fact all countries, all citizens and all businesses need to make more of a commitment to stopping pollution in our world. It is very important we do not look to larger nations, richer nations or more polluting nations to make that commitment. We need to understand that everyone should be making as much of an effort and everyone else.

What can we personally do?

We need to be loud about it. Talk to your friends about how you are trying to stop pollution and persuade them to do the same. We need to get politicians working on this issue. We need to make big businesses, and small ones too, operate in a way that stops pollution. Finally, we need to spend our money in companies that commit to stopping pollution – don’t just go with one company because it’s cheaper. It might be costing the Earth more.


Can we do it? Yes, we can!

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Laura Villa
Laura Villa