AirCamp Programme

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Welcome to AirCamp!

Welcome to AirCamp An exciting online programme for young learners where students have the opportunity to improve their English skills whilst learning all about British life and culture. 


– Experience a British junior English language and activity camp from your home.

– Every class is based around a topic and theme linked to British life and culture and students learn how to use the English      language in everyday, authentic situations.

– Students will prepare a final presentation where they can show offwhat they have learned about the UK from their online teachers.

– After their online class students will take part in virtual excursions to museums and famous places in London and the UK or take part in online activities with their teacher and other students – socialising in English whilst playing games, doing fun, enjoying quizzes and karaoke. Our online programme focuses on communication skills whilst engaging the students in British life and culture. Lessons are lively, fun and the final presentation that students prepare is a creative project that encourages students to use all their skills.


Duration: Flexible. Monday to Friday  

Hours: Each week full contains 5 sessions of 2 hours each from Monday to Friday  

Each session comprises: 

. 1 hour of lessons focused on developing English skills around topics and themes linked to British life and culture.  

. 1 hour of activity and/or virtual excursions so students can interact online, practise the learned language and develop friendships 

Entry Level: From Elementary




• Prep School -8 to 11

• High School – 12 to 17

Maximum Class Size



Tuition PacksHours DaysFees Enrol
Session x 12Monday to Friday£20
Session x 24Monday to Friday£40
Session x 510Monday to Friday£95
Session x 1020Monday to Friday£165
Session x 1530Monday to Friday£245
Session x 2040Monday to Friday£295
Session x 2550Monday to Friday£365