Academic Year 2021

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The Academic year for 2021 is divided into 4x 12-week terms, which is then split into 3x 4-week modules. This is because each course is 12 weeks for every level, ranging from beginner to advanced level, and includes our IELTS courses.

The number of open courses at the time of your enrolment depends on the number of students we have per level. Once you have completed your 12-week course, you might be able to advance to the next level. However, this depends on many factors, including your own progress and is dependent on the teacher’s suggestion.

Along with splitting the weeks into terms we have also set calendar weeks that your teachers complete tutorials and progress tests with you so that you, and your teacher, can track your progress.

Progress tests

These will be a short test online that you take in class with your teacher in the 4th week of every module. It will test the systems that you have looked at during the 4 weeks and your general competency in English. Then feedback will follow in the form of your tutorial the following week.


These will take place on the 4th week of every module following your progress test. Tutorials look at your overall progress and how you feel about your course. Each student will have an individual meeting with their teacher to discuss their progress during the week.


Our Lessons


Communicative classes

Here at UKCE we use Communicative Language Teaching. This means in our classes, whether face-to-face or online, we have a high focus on your communicative skills, especially speaking. Although we teach your structure of the language too, our main priority is to build your skills to help you have meaningful communication and interaction.


In our classes we set a teacher to each class for 12 weeks. After the term has finished, the teacher will change. However, in unforeseen circumstances the teacher might need to change in the midst of those 12 weeks. Having different has proven benificial to our students. It gives them the chance to appreciate different teaching methods and hear different English accents.