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London is renowned for its multiculturalism, its diversity, and its vibrant day and nightlife. With a reputation for being one of the most exciting capital cities in the world, it represents the perfect destination in which to immerse yourself in the study of the English language.

Please be aware that you may need a visa to come to the UK. To find out the one you need, check on the government website.

With the UK College of English located in the heart of the city, you will find yourself perfectly situated to discover more of the capital, taking in its sights and sounds, the flavours and the vibrancy of daily life, all of which will enhance the learning experience. We believe that learning is more than just books and study, and you will have the opportunity to discover the very best that London has to offer during your time here.

Here are some more reasons to study in London.

World-class Attractions in the Capital

Having been the centre of UK culture and commerce for centuries, London offers a wealth of attractions to rival any city in the world. From historic castles to royal palaces, compelling museums to contemporary art galleries, there are enough features to keep you enthralled day in, day out. Plus, with iconic landmarks – such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and Covent Garden – at every turn, there will be something truly British to discover every day. Here are some of the London attractions we have visited with our social programme.

Cosmopolitan Population

One of the great features of London is the eclectic mix of people inhabiting the city. For centuries, travellers have flocked to the city to make it their home, bringing with them a fascinating array of traditions and cultures. Today, diverse districts (E.g. Notting Hill Carnival) elicit the heritage of varied destinations, bringing the sounds, the cuisine, the products, and the people together to create an exciting atmosphere that is truly unforgettable. Experience the rich cultures of the city today and add something extra to your learning experience.

Employment Opportunities

The scope of London business encompasses all industries, and provides employment opportunities for all skill sets. By studying with the UK College of English in London, you have the opportunity to find work to support your studies, with the city renowned for welcoming enthusiastic visitors with a fantastic work ethic to join the workforce.

Social Life in London

A key component of our study programme is the social aspect. We work hard to develop a programme of events that benefits your studies during your time in the city, and will even encourage you to visit the best bars, restaurants, theatres and clubs to keep you entertained and active during your studies. Find out more about our social activities.

Home Away from Home

Such is the rich diversity of the city, London will quickly feel like a home away from home, with a network of like-minded students never too far away. This means that, by studying with the UK College of English in London, you be able to experience a destination that offers an exciting atmosphere and cultural practices to make you feel welcome.

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