3 Reasons Businesses Need Professionals with Digital Marketing Qualifications

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Digital marketing has transformed the way businesses get noticed by consumers. More and more people are now online, whether with their computers, smartphones, or tablets. With so many people going digital, businesses need to ensure they are online too.

The shift to digital has created significant demand for professionals who have digital marketing skills. Below, we will look at three reasons businesses need digital marketing and at how your digital marketing certification helps you address these needs.

1. Your Digital Marketing Skills Can Help Get Businesses in Front of Customers

A recent survey found that 51 per cent of UK consumers prefer to shop online rather than in a physical store. Also, 55 per cent of UK consumers said they shopped more online in 2018 than they did in 2017. In order to succeed, businesses need to be where their customers are. If a business does not have a digital marketing strategy, then it risks going unnoticed by the many people who are shopping online.

That’s why understanding the foundations of digital marketing is vital for businesses to succeed. During your training in digital marketing, you’ll cover foundational digital marketing concepts like customer behaviour, the difference between digital and traditional marketing, and digital disruption. With these skills, you can show businesses how a digital marketing strategy can help them get noticed by people who shop online.

2. Customers Expect Engagement to Be Offered Online and Through Social Media

Today’s consumers expect businesses to engage with them. To do that, businesses need an active social media presence. Approximately 67 per cent of the entire UK population uses social media. With social media, businesses can engage with their customers and build their brand. They can also use social media to provide better customer service, promote and respond to positive reviews, and enhance their reputations.

Social media can be used by businesses to better engage with their customers
Social media can be used by businesses to better engage with their customers

While earning your digital marketing certificate, you’ll learn many of the social media skills that businesses need. For example, you will learn about different social media channels, customer engagement through social media, and social advertising. You’ll also learn how to handle online complaints, brand management, and online reviews in order to help businesses build their digital reputations.

3. Digital Marketing Allows Businesses to Target Customers More Effectively

Traditional marketing, such as advertisements on television, radio, or in the newspaper, reach a very wide audience. The problem is that many of the people they reach may not be interested in what the advertisement is promoting. Digital marketing is much more targeted than traditional marketing. For example, businesses can use digital marketing to target customers based on their previous shopping habits, their location, and even when they are most likely to be online.

Digital marketing allows businesses to better target potential customers
Digital marketing allows businesses to better target potential customers

Many of the digital marketing skills you’ll learn during your training can be used for targeted marketing. For example, you’ll learn about email marketing, which helps businesses better understand consumer behaviours. For instance, with email marketing, businesses can see how many customers are opening promotional emails, what time of day they are reading them, and they can even send emails to customers living in specific postcodes.

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