3 Career-Boosting Skills You’ll Gain by Earning a Digital Marketing Certificate

digital marketing qualifications

Digital marketing is important for many reasons. In fact, simply adding videos to websites can make people pay attention for up to 2 minutes longer compared to websites without video. The digital marketing industry offers a lot of opportunities that you can take advantage of, and your new skills from training can help you get there. When you enter a career in our modern world, these skills show that you are comfortable with modern technology and can apply your knowledge to marketing. Customers interact with digital platforms throughout their days, and these platforms are where your skills will be in high demand. Read on for some of the qualifications you’ll pick up with your certificate that can help your career.

1. Gain Branding Skills in Your Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital branding is important for social media, customer service, web, and email. In your career, you might see how digital marketing affects advertising, strategy planning, design, and more. Internet users have grown by 82% since the beginning of 2012, so a strong digital brand is important to a lot of businesses, individuals, and organisations.

Good brands are recognisable and build trust. Branding can make an image more polished or specific. With a foundation certificate in digital marketing, you will learn how important branding is for building an online presence, reaching and generating customers through social media, and managing reputation.

2. Digital Marketing Qualifications Include Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fast and efficient way to connect to other people that doesn’t cost too much money. Learning about platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and how much value they have will let you to use these platforms for career success.

Using social media for marketing is important in today’s world of fast technology
Using social media for marketing is important in today’s world of fast technology

Social media targeting is important and so is community management. Learning how to attract target audiences will make you a valuable professional in any industry.

There are different stages in the customer journey on social platforms, and when you study the different stages, you can get more value out of social media. When you build a community online, you have a core group of loyal followers that can grow.

3. Get Comfortable with Analytics through a Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital analytics use data about websites and applications to improve marketing. This helps achieve goals by collecting information and asking questions about how things could work better. A digital mindset recognises the power of technology and interconnectedness. Having digital marketing qualifications doesn’t just mean technical skills – it also means seeing digital transformation, or the use of digital methods to solve problems, as the way forward.

Having digital analytics skills will help you move businesses closer to their goals
Having digital analytics skills will help you move businesses closer to their goals

User Experience, or UX, is about what people think and feel when they use a website, application, or other system. Through analytic tools, you can look at this information and decide whether customers are having experiences that match your goals or the goals of the business for which you work.

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