Renewable energy – going forward

Renewable energy – going forward

2021 is a crucial time for renewable energy. Why? Well as the world’s population rises, so does the demand for energy. People need houses to live in and need energy to power their homes, businesses and communities. It might seem sensible to suggest that we should all try and use less and that way it will go further but actually it’s just not that easy. What we need are clean sources of power that do not harm our planet but harness its natural forces. We have to accept that we can’t live without electricity.  Let’s start using greener resources instead. Every source of energy needs to be future proof and help our environment rather than harm it.

Renewable energy sources

A renewable energy source is simply energy that is sustainable. Other words we use for this type of energy could be green, organic, workable, natural and even alternative. It does not run out, it is endless. Therefore, going forward renewable energy sources need to be prioritised. The innovation and expansion of renewable energy is paramount to maintaining a sustainable level of energy production and consumption. This is a major way we can protect our planet from climate change. Some estimates say that compared to the amount of energy resources we use, only around a quarter of it is green. This is expected to reach about a third in five years’ time in 2026. That seems slow but given the huge volume of things that have to change including the mindset of those who wield the power, this is very promising.

Amazingly enough, despite a global pandemic, last summer in 2020, the UK hit a new remarkable renewable energy milestone. On Wednesday 10th June 2020, the United Kingdom celebrated two months of running purely on renewable energy for the first time ever. 100% non-stop constant renewable energy. Did planes come crashing from the sky? No. Did all the businesses shut down and stop working because they didn’t have enough energy? No! It looks like everything was totally fine. We can now say 2021 is a crucial time for renewable energy.

A brighter future

In the future, it is expected that the number of renewable energy sources will continue to increase as we see an increase in demand for power. This will drive down the price of renewable energy which means capitalism will support renewable energy and we will see that what is great for the planet must be great for our wallets otherwise people just do not get behind it.

The most popular renewable energy sources currently are:

  • Solar energy – from our lovely Sol;
  • Wind energy – not the crazy hurricanes and cyclones but just the normal blustery kind;
  • Hydro energy – we’ve taken inspiration from beaver (you know those cute little animals) and by controlling the flow of water we can spin turbines that give us energy;
  • Tidal energy – this simply means letting the waves do the work;
  • Geothermal energy – which uses natural hot springs, steam vents in the earth and geysers to generate power, which Iceland and New Zealand could be fully reliant on by my humble estimate;
  • And finally, Biomass energy – which is the use of agricultural waste and plant waste to produce energy as opposed to letting it pollute rivers or go to landfill.

The final step

Hopefully, we will write more about the renewable sources in another blog post but what we need to learn is that all of the methods already exist and have already powered the UK through its previous summer. Which is absolutely amazing if you ask me! So rather than thinking about if it is possible in the future, we should be asking ourselves why it is not happening now? Perhaps it is time to try and use companies that commit to using renewable energy and, perhaps enrol in schools that are environmentally conscious about the way that they teach. We have to be better citizens of planet Earth and we know we can do it, we’ve already changed so much, we can definitely take this final step.


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Laura Villa
Laura Villa