How to Stay Motivated when Studying

Whether you’re doing it for your own sense of achievement or studying for an exam, learning English – well, any language for that matter – is tough. There’s no denying it! No one finds learning a new language easy and it can be a challenge to keep going, especially when you don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Study Motivation Tips

To help you stay on track with your English study, our team of experts at UKCE have compiled our favourite ways that we like to keep our students motivated. Check them out and take them on board.

1) Stop Comparing

There’s nothing better to kill motivation than comparing yourself to others. Remember that you’re all on your own English language learning journey and it doesn’t matter what others are doing as long as you’re putting in all the effort you can.

2) Mistakes are Normal

Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, everyone makes them. Even fluent English speakers will slip up now and again – us native speakers aren’t always perfect either! If you feel as though you’re making more mistakes than you’re getting things right, don’t give up, it’s all part of the learning process.

3) Visualization

For one of our favourite study motivation tips, keep in your mind why you wanted to learn English in the first place. Whether it be to help you make friends when you travel, open up better job opportunities or whatever your reason, visualize the day when you can use it to your advantage.

4) Look at How Far You’ve Come

Look back to when you started; we’re sure you know more English now than you did then! Even if it feels like you’re making slow progress, you’re still making progress and that’s what matters.

5) Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll end up draining your motivation. Take breaks and know when your brains had enough for the day. You can’t rush yourself when learning a new language. You need to go at your own pace and not overdo it.

6) Reward Yourself

We think anything involving rewards are great study motivation tips. Whether it be that you can watch your favourite TV show after an hour’s study or treat yourself to a night out once you’ve finished reading two books; whatever works for you! Some people need frequent goals and rewards and others need more long-term.

7) Find a Study Partner

English language learning study partners can be a great motivation. When you only have yourself to urge you to learn English it can be tough, but with someone else pushing you on you’ll find it a lot easier.

8) Variate Activities

Switch up how you learn frequently. We’d class this as crucial in our study motivation tips. If you stick to just one way of learning, you’re going to get bored pretty quickly and loose motivation.

9) Set Goals and Targets

Goals and targets are great for English study. This point ties in to what we were saying earlier about rewards; you can either set little, bite-size goals or long-term goals that’ll take longer to achieve. Find which method works for you and stick to it.

10) Join an English Study Group

If you need some English language learning help and study motivation tips 24/7, study groups can be fantastic. You’ll have a support-system to fall back on when motivation’s low and you can ask for their help whenever you’re struggling.

At UKCE, we think it’s a great idea to study English with a group – check out more about us to find out why! We’re based in London, which is brilliant for a multitude of reasons, and our courses with skilled professionals will help keep your motivation high and your English study on track. You won’t need to worry about anything when you’re learning with us!