9 myths about learning English as a second language

Language learning myths When learning a new language, you will undoubtedly come across language learning myths, either from family and friends or from fellow students. These may make you unsure that you’ll master a second language, but it doesn’t always pay to listen to the rumours. Here are ten myths and misconceptions about second language…

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Idiom of the Week – All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not gold Meaning: Not everything that appears to have value really does have it. Explanation:This phrase originated in the Middle Ages, with Chaucer’s 1380 poem, The House of Fame including an early version of the line: “Hit is not al gold, that glareth”. By the 16th century it was a proverb,…

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Common mistakes English learners make

Biggest mistakes language learners make English is a complex language, full of its own little foibles, and often presents those learning it with certain difficulties. Sometimes issues arise when students try to translate directly from their own language, which invariably uses different words or syntax to English. Some phrases can therefore come out incorrectly or…

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Idiom of the Week – Rob Peter to pay Paul

Rob Peter to pay Paul Meaning: To pay off one debt by incurring another. Explanation: This expression is thought to go as far back as the 1400s, where it appears in an ecclesiastical text. By the time John Heywood’s work on English proverbs was published in 1546, it was a well known saying, and by…

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5 things to avoid when learning the English language

What you shouldn’t do when learning the English language Learning English can be fun and rewarding, but it’s also quite a complex language. Often, students end up hindering their own progress by getting into bad habits or simply lacking confidence in their abilities. With that in mind, we’ve made a list of five essential things…

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Things to do in London this January

London Events January 2018 If you’re working or studying in London or the home counties, immersing yourself in the local culture is a great way to start feeling at home and practise your language skills. Here are some of the top London January 2018 events for you to pop in the diary. New Year’s Day…

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