Common English Conversation Mistakes

Speaking the English Language Being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, English doesn’t come without its difficulties. It can be easy, for example, to assume that the almost universal adoption around the world means that the language must be simple to learn, but the reality is there are innumerable mistakes that…

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Gaming can Support English-language Learning

Game-based Learning Effective learning is no longer about reading textbooks and studying long into the night. In fact, for decades, the benefits of adopting more engaging means of teaching have proven effective. When it comes to learning English as a second language, how you learn can make a significant difference to how well you learn….

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Improving your English with Subtitles

Developing your English language When it comes to learning English, practice really does make perfect. Whenever and wherever you can find the time to improve your reading, writing, and conversational skills, it is vital that you take the opportunity to develop your English language ability. Away from the classroom and study guides, there is one…

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Idiom of the Week – ‘Drive Someone up the Wall

‘Drive someone up the wall’ Meaning:            To cause extreme annoyance and irritation to another Explanation:      If you’ve ever been in a situation where another person is causing you extreme exasperation or they’re irritating you significantly, it’d be fair to claim that their actions and behaviour were driving you up the wall. The precise origin of…

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Idiom of the Week – ‘Dead Ringer’

‘Dead ringer’ Meaning:            An exact copy/a duplicate Explanation:      Another idiom with origins in sporting life, to describe something as a ‘dead ringer’ is to describe it as being an exact replica of something else. The term itself dates from 19th-century horse racing, with ‘ringer’ being used to denote a stand-in horse that would replace…

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Romantic things to do in London

Romance in London We’ve written before about the many benefits that studying in London with the UK College of English presents. As one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities, there is no shortage of culture to soak up, fascinating attractions to discover, or unforgettable events to experience. Heading out and about in the…

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