5 Places you Wouldn’t Believe Speak English

Travelling after learning English As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it’s perhaps no surprise that many people want to learn and grasp the complexities of English. While it’s well-known that Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the United States, Australia and New Zealand are English-speaking countries, there are a wealth of other…

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Is it time for an English tutor?

How One to One English can Help Develop your English Skills Further There are many ways to learn a new language, from sitting in a classroom with other students to seeking out private one to one English lessons. While there’s no right or wrong way of absorbing information, here are some of the benefits of…

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Techniques to Improve your Memory

Effective Revisions Strategies to Improve Memory If you are learning English and want to retain those all-important English language skills, improving your memory is the way to go. There are many ways to enhance your brain functionality and make the most of the knowledge you’ve absorbed, so take a look at these useful techniques. Eat…

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Meeting, greeting and saying goodbye in English

Developing your English Conversation Improving your English language skills involves a lot of dedication. Rather than sticking with basic vocabulary such as “hello”, it’s important to push yourself to the next level and learn how to express yourself in a number of other ways – after all, English language speakers have many different ways of…

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Learning to describe the English Weather

Talking about the Weather British people often talk about the weather, so it’s a good idea to get to grips with English weather vocabulary in its many different forms. While learning essential words is key, it’s also important to grasp some of the main grammar points – so let’s take a closer look. Using verbs…

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Learning English with the Kindle

Improving your English with Reading When it comes to learning English, reading is one of the best ways to progress. If you don’t have time to visit the library or money to purchase your favourite hardbacks, however, don’t worry as with the Kindle you can enjoy an endless variety of literature at your fingertips. This…

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Idiom of the Week – Sea Change

‘Sea Change’ Meaning:            A radical – or drastic – transformation of events Explanation:      Such is the extent and majesty of the writings of William Shakespeare, the sheer volume of words, phrases, and idioms that can be attributed to the Bard is remarkable. When it comes to the the use of ‘sea change’ to…

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Idiom of the Week – ‘Age Before Beauty’

‘Age Before Beauty’ Meaning:            Older people should be afforded preference over younger – and therefore, more                                           beautiful – people Explanation:      More often than not uttered in jest, the exact origins of the term ‘age before beauty’ appears to have been lost to history. That said, it has been in wide circulation since the Victorian…

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Learning English Conversation Dialogues

Improving your English Conversation Learning  English conversation dialogues will enhance your skills and ensure you can talk fluently with native English speakers – and other foreign language students. Learning English can be complex, of course, but with plenty of practice, words and sentences will roll off your tongue before you know it. With this in…

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