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Learning a new language should be a fun and highly rewarding experience, so if you want to practice speaking English in a friendly, welcoming environment – why not come along to our weekly conversation club and meet like-minded people? Not only will you be able to talk with native English teachers and international students, but you’ll also have the chance to socialise – out of class.

Improve your Conversation Skills

At UKCE, we understand that initiating a conversation in a foreign tongue can be daunting – particularly if you’ve just started an English speaking course or are new to the country. That’s why we run a free conversation club every Monday which is designed to help students expand their vocabulary, improve fluency, discuss classroom-related issues and speak English with confidence.

As highly-qualified, native English teachers will always be present, you can receive the help you need during these sessions and pick up useful hints and tips along the way – both from our UKCE professionals and your peers. So, if you want to practice a particular tense or have a question about verb endings, this is the group for you. We won’t laugh or judge if you make mistakes and encourage everyone simply to have a go and put what they know to the test.

Meet New Friends and Socialise in English

Aside from improving your verbal language skills, our English conversation club is also the perfect place to meet new friends and practice socialising in English. Many students worry about meeting like-minded people or being able to initiate a conversation with fellow students, but gatherings of this kind make it easy to break the ice and feel confident talking to those in a similar situation to you.

As we welcome people from many different nationalities and backgrounds, our speaking club often generates a wealth of fascinating conversations. Students can practice asking and replying to questions in English while getting to know those who study around them.

Speaking Club Details:

What there is to do/ Activities that will occur

Our conversation clubs gives you the opportunity to practise speaking English, improve your pronunciation and work on your fluency with others


Every Monday from 6.30 to 7.30pm


UK College of English 55-59 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2EQ

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