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Day Course Fees: General English & IELTS

Contact us, or walk in and talk to our team about seasonal promotional offers. Also view our current range of fees for our General English programme.

  • The minimum age is 16.
  • Levels: We aim to offer all CEFR levels (A1-C2) but it depends on availability.
  • All courses require a course registration fee of £25 and a course book which costs £25.
  • IELTS exam fees are not included and are £155

Full Time (15 hours per week)

Class times’ options: (Subject to availability)

Levels currently available: Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), IELTS

Morning: 9:00am – 12:15pm

3 hours with a 15 minute break

Time of DayDurationLessons (Mon - Fri)FeeBook your Course
AM1 week15 hours p/wk£149Book now
AM2 weeks15 hours p/wk£298Book now
AM3 weeks15 hours p/wk£447Book now
AM4 weeks 15 hours p/wk£580Book now
AM5 weeks15 hours p/wk£725Book now
AM6 weeks15 hours p/wk£870Book now
AM7 weeks15 hours p/wk£1015Book now
AM8 weeks - 40% DISCOUNT15 hours p/wk£1112 £667Book now
AM9 weeks15 hours p/wk£1251Book now
AM10 weeks15 hours p/wk£1390Book now
AM11 weeks15 hours p/wk£1529Book now
AM12 weeks15 hours p/wk£1620Book now
AM13 weeks15 hours p/wk£1755Book now
AM14 weeks15 hours p/wk£1890Book now
AM24 weeks15 hours p/wk£3000Book now
AM36 weeks15 hours p/wk£4500Book now
AM48 weeks15 hours p/wk£6000Book now

Full Time (15 hours per week)

Class times’ options: (Subject to availability)

Levels currently available: Elementary (A1), Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Afternoon: 12:45pm – 16:00pm

3 hours with a 15 minute break

Time of DayDurationLessons (Mon - Fri)FeeBook your Course
PM 1 week15 hours p/wk£110Book now
PM2 weeks15 hours p/wk£220Book now
PM3 weeks15 hours p/wk£330Book now
PM4 weeks - up to 30% DISCOUNT15 hours p/wk£420 £294Book now
PM5 weeks15 hours p/wk£525Book now
PM6 weeks15 hours p/wk£630Book now
PM7 weeks15 hours p/wk£735Book now
PM8 weeks - up to 30% DISCOUNT15 hours p/wk£792 £554Book now
PM9 weeks15 hours p/wk£891Book now
PM10 weeks15 hours p/wk£990Book now
PM11 weeks15 hours p/wk£1089Book now
PM12 weeks15 hours p/wk£1140Book now
PM13 weeks15 hours p/wk£1235Book now
PM14 weeks15 hours p/wk£1330Book now
PM24 weeks15 hours p/wk£2088Book now
PM36 weeks15 hours p/wk£3132Book now
PM48 weeks15 hours p/wk£4176Book now

Intensive (30 hours per week)

Class time: 9:00am – 4:00pm (subject to availability)

Levels: Please view availability of morning and afternoon classes above

6 hours with 2 15 minute breaks and one half-hour break

Time of DayDurationLessons (Mon - Fri)FeeBook your Course
AM and PM1 week30 hours p/wk£259Book now
AM and PM2 weeks30 hours p/wk£518Book now
AM and PM3 weeks30 hours p/wk£777Book now
AM and PM4 weeks - SPECIAL OFFER30 hours p/wk£1000 £642Book now
AM and PM5 weeks30 hours p/wk£1250Book now
AM and PM6 weeks30 hours p/wk£1500Book now
AM and PM7 weeks30 hours p/wk£1750Book now
AM and PM8 weeks - SPECIAL OFFER30 hours p/wk£1904 £1226Book now
AM and PM9 weeks30 hours p/wk£2142Book now
AM and PM10 weeks30 hours p/wk£2380Book now
AM and PM11 weeks30 hours p/wk£2618Book now
AM and PM12 weeks30 hours p/wk£2760Book now
AM and PM13 weeks30 hours p/wk£2990Book now
AM and PM14 weeks30 hours p/wk£3220Book now
AM and PM24 weeks30 hours p/wk£5088Book now
AM and PM36 weeks30 hours p/wk£7632Book now
AM and PM48 weeks30 hours p/wk£10176Book now

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