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Idiom of the Week – ‘Drive Someone up the Wall

‘Drive someone up the wall’ Meaning:            To cause extreme annoyance and irritation to another Explanation:      If you’ve ever been in a situation where another person is causing you extreme exasperation or they’re irritating you significantly, it’d be fair to claim that their actions and behaviour were driving you up the wall. The precise origin of…

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Idiom of the Week – ‘Dead Ringer’

‘Dead ringer’ Meaning:            An exact copy/a duplicate Explanation:      Another idiom with origins in sporting life, to describe something as a ‘dead ringer’ is to describe it as being an exact replica of something else. The term itself dates from 19th-century horse racing, with ‘ringer’ being used to denote a stand-in horse that would replace…

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Idiom of the Week – ‘Once in a Blue Moon’

‘Once in a blue moon’ Meaning:            Something which happens rarely or infrequently Explanation:      An event that only occurs infrequently is often referred to as happening ‘once in a blue moon’, a phrase that, somewhat confusingly, has nothing to do with colour in the slightest. In fact, the term refers to the appearance of a full…

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Idiom of the Week – ‘Bite your Tongue’

‘Bite your tongue’ Meaning:            Hush your mouth and don’t say what you were going to say Explanation:      To be told to ‘bite your tongue’ often arises in a situation where you are set to utter something which should not be shared, perhaps because of the potential for revealing confidential information or the risk of…

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Idiom of the Week – Bend over Backwards

‘Bend over backwards’ Meaning:            To work exceptionally hard to accomplish something for another Explanation:      As one might expect, bending over backwards is far from an easy action to complete, with a degree of hardship and difficulty different from the norm. The origin of the phrase can be dated to early athletic competitions as far back…

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